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About Us

Repair India is a platform offering home appliance repair services at your home. Whether you need Washing Machine repair, AC service, TV installation and many more, Our thousands of qualified service professionals based throughout the india. Customer use our platform to book doorstep repair services. These services are delivered in the comfort of their home and at a time of their choosing. We promise to provide a reliable guaranteed super fast home service with quality and workmanship. To fulfill this promise, We work closely with service partners, enabling them with technology, training, products, tools and brand helping them succeed and deliver on this promise. We repair all major brands, makes and models. There is no matter where you bought it, we can fix it.


At Repair India we know that today’s customers deserve the best comfortable home services overall. And our selected trusted and verified service technicians are among the best in the industry. All are well educated, experienced, real professional and factory trained service engineers deliver services at home like never experienced before. Today more than thousand user use Repair India’s service on regular basis to get home appliance repair services easier across India.


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